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Saturday, October 24, 2009

.waitin is tiring.

"hi,i'm ........." a voice from behind startled me. i look up and saw pair of hazel eyes staring back at me.

at the first time i saw u, there are nothin to said..
to me, u mean nothin but then,day by day
i start to know u
when i'm down, u brought out the colour in my tedious life
n we become closed
i'm happy.happy.happy.
but then,there's a lot f things dat make we far apart..
i scared if one day u'll leave me..
i scared if one day u can't recognize me anymore..
i can't accept dat..
n i sure i'll miss u
i realize so many different between us
i know u still remember dat moment i had promised "i'll take u with my full soul"
n "we'll happy till the end of our life"
a heart that once loved,
now broken,shattered.
u walk out of mt life, takin everythin dat mattered
my love given freely, left wif u too..
but i don't want it back, for it belongs to u
i've tried very hard to mend it,renew..
but there's still a piece missin'
dat piece is
u did leave me sumthin
dat's true
a heart i can't mend
for hold it together,it needs YOU..
i'm waitin for u
wihtout hope the heart would break
nobody perfect dear..
to err is human
sometimes my heart says :"a life without u like a night without stars"
i'm sorry dear, i can't forget u for my life..
i'm sorry
i still lve u

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