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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girls survey about guys

Favorite hair color : Black. A bit brown pun ok. Jangan blonde sudah!
Do like long or short hair : Short hair
Eye color : Black or Brown
Body type : Thin
Taller or shorter : In between
Older or younger : Same age
Do you like ur guys to wear pink? : Fer sure, comel tauk!
How do you feel about tight pants? : Baby you're so gay
Lighter skin or darker skin : Tak kesah la mana-mana.
Do you like pretty boys or average guys : Average guys
Hot or cute : Cute :)
Long curly hair or long straight hair : Both also can but curly is cute.
Relationship or just hooking up with him? :Relationship lah


He sang ur favorite song to you but he sucked and messed it up? : Nevermind. At least he tried :)
He played dumb stupid jokes on you all the time? : All the time? baby, now you can join Maharajalawak la i think
He wrote a song that you thought was about you but was about his car? : Get married with ur beloved car!
He came to school in complete drag? : Auwwwww :D
He cheated on you? : you so.. (-.-)
He started out sweet but then turned bitter? : It's ok. people changes.


Do you like ur guys to stand straight or slouch? : In between please.
Shy guys or super outgoing? : both :)
Looks or personality? : Personality
Do you like ur guys to play instruments? : Yea. Guitar at least.
What do you prefer in looks? : His super duper sweet smile :)
Spiked hair in back straight in front or just messy? :Both also can

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